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Female doctor listens to man across a desk and holds a pen above a clipboard

How machine learning and nudges can alter end-of-life care

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An intervention leveraging nudges and machine learning increased serious illness conversations between cancer patients and their providers.

Shivan draws a diagram on a white board in front of team members seated at a table

The Acceleration Lab: key initiatives in patient-centered care

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CHCI leaders Roy Rosin and Shivan Mehta introduce what the Acceleration Lab does, discuss innovation methods, and share project stories on this episode of Medical Breakthroughs from Penn Medicine.

Kit Delgado points at text on a whiteboard. A team member watches on the side.

Making life easier for clinicians: the Nudge Unit’s continued mission

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With a new director at the helm, the Nudge Unit is continuing to work on projects designed to make life easier for providers, improve clinical outcomes, and reduce gaps in care equity.

Colleen Cain

Spotlight on: Colleen Cain

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Meet Colleen Cain, who ensures that patients with COPD receive the education and support they need once they are discharged from the hospital.

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November/December 2022 Month in Review

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