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Charlie Chambers

Spotlight on: Charles Chambers

Innovator spotlight |

Meet Charlie Chambers, a database whisperer with a penchant for tinkering.

Colleen Cain

Spotlight on: Colleen Cain

Innovator spotlight |

Meet Colleen Cain, who ensures that patients with COPD receive the education and support they need once they are discharged from the hospital.

Anna Morgan headshot in dual-color frame

Spotlight on: Anna U. Morgan

Innovator spotlight |

Meet Anna Morgan, who leads with pragmatism and empathy on a slew of innovation projects, including the high-impact COVID Watch program. 

Anuja Dokras headshot in dual-color frame

Spotlight on: Anuja Dokras

Innovator spotlight |

Meet Anuja Dokras, a constant learner who is leading efforts to augment care for women across the lifespan.