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The Center offers an exciting and fast-paced environment for motivated individuals interested in effecting systemic change across the health care industry.  Learn more about opportunities to join our team below.

Career opportunities

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Summer internship opportunities

Service design summer internshipThe service design summer internship offers students an opportunity to apply design methodologies in complex clinical settings.  The internship will begin with a two-week design sprint to address a real clinical need or problem. A mentor will guide the intern through the design process and assist as needed. At the end of two weeks, the intern will present this work to stakeholders.  Following the design sprint, the intern will learn about ongoing work at the Center and select a project for the remainder of the internship. The intern is considered a co-equal member of the project team and will have the opportunity to make valuable contributions.  

APPLY | Application period: January 15 - March 15 (annually) | Duration: 10-12 weeks | Time commitment: 20-40 hrs/wk | Compensation:  Paid

Medical student summer internshipThe medical student summer internship offers students at the Perelman School of Medicine a unique opportunity between their first and second year.   The internship begins with a crash course in innovation methods.  The crash course is an intensive, exciting week of presentations, one-on-one sessions, and fieldwork experience through a design sprint.  After the design sprint, interns gain hands-on experience working on a project focused on health care delivery innovation.  Interns become an integral part of a multidisciplinary team that includes important stakeholders from across the health system.  In most cases, interns get the opportunity to work in all four phases of the double-diamond over the course of the summer.  

APPLY | Application period: January 15 - March 15 (annually) | Duration: 10-12 weeks | Time commitment: 40 hrs/wk | Compensation: Paid

Innovation management internship: The Center for Health Care Innovation is dedicated to facilitating the development, testing, and implementation of new strategies that improve patient outcomes and care value. The innovation management intern will have the opportunity to work on projects focused on connecting with patients outside of traditional venues; improving the health and health care of our employee population; reducing the cost of health care while maintaining and improving outcomes; and enabling a culture of innovation at Penn Medicine. Motivated and entrepreneurial individuals hoping to drive systemic change at Penn Medicine and across the health care industry should apply.

APPLY | Application period: January 15 - March 15 (annually) | Duration: 10-12 weeks | Time commitment: 40 hrs/wk | Compensation: Paid

Fellowship opportunities

Innovation technology fellowshipThe innovation technology fellowship enables students to assist with developing, testing and implementing novel IT solutions in health care settings.  Over the course of the year, fellows learn at least one skill set - either front-end web-design or database querying - and assist with building tools for center projects.  Fellows also serve as the primary project manager for one or two programs, such as mHealth Labs during their tenure.  Deliverables from the year include reports about innovation methods applied to new projects, initial build and subsequent iterations on digital tools informed by user testing and feedback, and analyses of outcomes for small-scale tests or pilots.  

APPLY | Application period: January 15 - March 15 (annually) | Duration: 1 year | Time commitment: 35 hrs/wk | Compensation: Paid 

Other internship opportunities

Accelerator internshipThe accelerator internship connects students with teams participating in the Innovation Accelerator Program each fall.  Interns gain hands-on experience and receive direct mentorship from center staff and project teams working to solve some of health cares' biggest problems.  Students from a variety of educational backgrounds are encouraged to apply including medical and nursing students, MBAs, engineering students, design students and more. 

Application period: July - October (annually) | Duration: October – April | Time commitment: 10-15 hrs/wk | Compensation: Paid



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Careers and Internships

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