CDH CDH logo The Center for Digital Health utilizes non-traditional data sources to disrupt conventional approaches to care


The Center for Digital Health (CDH) leverages non-traditional data sources to disrupt conventional approaches to care. We draw actionable insights from digital data that enable our team to design and develop interventions to enhance patient and clinician engagement, improve care delivery and patient outcomes, and increase health equity. 

Key Project Domains

Data mining

People generate a trail of information in the form of digital footprints each day as they navigate online resources using mobile phones, computers, and other devices. We mine these digital footprints to uncover novel insights about health and health care.

Digital engagement

We design and develop interventions that enhance patient and provider engagement before, during, and after health care encounters and in patients' everyday lives.

Digital equity

We apply evidence-based practices to uncover, understand, and dismantle structures, behaviors, and social norms that create and sustain racism in the digital health space.




Donate your data

When you donate your data, you are helping us create a new way to understand health and well-being in this digital age. Join the 6,000+ people who have donated their data and become a part of our digital health community.