Evan Spencer

Evan Spencer

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Evan Spencer

Research Project Manager, Nudge Unit

Evan Spencer is a research project manager at the Nudge Unit, focusing her efforts on the Behavioral Science & Analytics for Injury Reduction (BeSAFIR) Lab portfolio. Evan supports research to reduce opioid misuse, drinking and driving injuries, and firearm violence. She also works on Nudge Unit-supported projects exploring technology-driven interventions to improve health care.

Before joining the team, Evan worked as a therapeutic counselor at the Renfrew Center, which caters to women with eating disorders. She also worked in counseling and behavioral health at the Belmont Center for Comprehensive Treatment, where she conducted recreational and facilitated group therapy sessions with various people getting treatment for behavioral health disorders.

Evan earned her bachelor's degree in psychology from Drexel University and her master's degree in criminology from the University of Pennsylvania. Evan's interests include behavioral analysis and criminal pathology. For this reason, she enjoys all crime-related television series and movies such as Criminal Minds and The Silence of the Lambs. She hopes to pursue a career in forensic psychology and work as a clinical psychologist in the future.

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