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Ben Rosenbach

Ben Rosenbach

Senior Software Developer

Way to Health

Ben Rosenbach is a senior software developer at Way to Health. As a programmer, Ben is more comfortable with code than conversational English, and therefore, has decided to provide data points for his bio.

  • Senior software developer for the Way to Health platform
  • Joined Penn in January 2016 as a contractor
  • Joined the Center for Health Care Innovation team in September 2016
  • Before Penn, worked on Way to Health at P'unk Avenue
  • Originally from Annapolis, MD
  • Moved to Philadelphia in 2006 to attend Drexel University
  • Holds a bachelor's degree in software engineering from Drexel University, graduated in 2009
  • Lives in South Philadelphia
  • Makes music in spare time
  • At P'unk Avenue, contributed heavily to launching version 2.0 of the open-source Apostrophe CMS