Nudges in Health Care Symposium

The Penn Medicine Nudge Unit hosts a Nudges in Health Care Symposium each year. The goals of the event are to: 

  • Assemble health systems that are interested in implementing nudges or forming nudge units
  • Share insights on lessons learned from implementing nudges in health care        
  • Network and build collaborations across health systems

The first two symposia were hosted on Penn's campus and brought together leaders from 30 health systems. In 2021, the symposium took place virtually, and we broadened the audience to include health plans and other organizations working on using nudges to improve health care. More than 400 people representing over 200 organizations worldwide attended to hear from featured speakers, including David Halpern of the Behavioural Insights Team, Susan Lucas Collins of Twilio, and Mohan Balachandran of Way to Health.


  • Attendees of the 2019 Nudge Unit Symposium gather in an auditorium