Penn Medicine


CHCI has developed and launched a series of homegrown platforms in partnership with Penn Medicine’s Information Services Department. We call these “platforms for innovation” because they enable teams to rapidly design, test, and refine interventions to improve patient outcomes and care delivery. 

Way to Health (W2H) is a web-based platform that automates, facilitates, and evaluates the systematic testing of behavioral interventions to promote health. The platform, designed by faculty and staff at the University of Pennsylvania and Penn Medicine, enables researchers and clinical partners to deploy behavioral interventions anywhere in the U.S. in an efficient, scalable, and low-cost way. Customizable for simple and complex research and clinical needs, W2H offers a wide range of built-in functionalities and is compatible with numerous wireless technologies. Since its creation in 2010, over 280 studies have been run on the platform, engaging more than 1,000,000 patients.  

Agent is a web-based platform that aggregates information from digital data sources across the health system into customizable dashboards, mobile displays, and push notifications. Subscription services allow users to view information relevant to specific clinical populations, set alert triggers, and select their preferred mode of alert delivery. Agent's use of real-time and retrospective data and flexible delivery channels makes it a scalable platform on which new rules for individual and population-level interventions can be developed, tested, and deployed. And by bringing to clinical teams relevant, timely data that previously was not easily accessible, Agent enables care providers to make better use of data to improve patient care. In short, Agent gets the right information to the right provider at the right time. Since launching the platform in 2014, the Agent team has successfully partnered with several service lines, leading to significant patient care improvements.

Your Big Idea is a web-based platform that enables crowdsourcing for ideas and solutions. Your Big Idea empowers Penn Medicine employees to collaborate across departments, mobilize teams around projects, and turn ideas into action to change the way we deliver care. Innovation challenges are posted to the platform on an ongoing basis. Once a challenge is live, faculty, staff, and students can participate by submitting, rating, and commenting on ideas. After the submission period closes, ideas, ratings, and comments are reviewed, and next steps are decided and announced.