Health care providers interact with enormous volumes of clinical data on a daily basis. In the current model, providers are required to check electronic health records (EHRs) at frequent intervals during shifts to obtain new information, and often don’t know when new data is available. This structure can result in medical orders and other actions being delayed or missed entirely.  Also, due to patient-level views and charting, interventions across populations of patients are difficult to coordinate.


Enter Agent, a web application platform that delivers real-time clinical data to health care providers via customized messages to a mobile phone or a collaborative patient list on a web dashboard.

The platform, developed by a group of doctors, developers, and designers at Penn Medicine, streams real-time data from the EHR, Penn Pathways, and Penn Signals, and delivers new and actionable data to physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and technicians. Agent integrates with other platforms including secure messaging and research data collection tools.

AgentGo allows providers to subscribe to patients and customize the notifications they receive. Options include discrete alerts (e.g., safety reminders and notifications about expiring or uncollected medications or labs), and decision support algorithms (e.g., heart failure management and early warning systems for sepsis) that aim to reduce forgotten tasks and time delay to clinical awareness and improve clinician efficiency.

AgentDash enables providers to track a specific cohort of patients on a dashboard view that live-updates with patients or events of interest. Data can be pulled in in any format and teams can collaborate and track interventions on a single shared space.


Agent's use of real-time and retrospective data and its flexible delivery channels make it a scalable platform on which new rules for patient- and population-level interventions can be developed, tested, and deployed in any clinical setting.  

At scale, Agent has the potential to decrease avoidable medical errors, reduce excess length of stay, reduce costs, and improve patient satisfaction.


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