Penn Medicine


CHCI comprises four coordinated teams – the Acceleration Lab, the Center for Digital Health, the Nudge Unit, and Way to Health.

The Acceleration Lab supports CHCI's commitment to be a center for - not of - innovation. Through flagship programs, coordinated training and mentorship, and strategic partnerships, the Acceleration Lab energizes and empowers individuals on the frontlines to apply a disciplined, scientific approach to creating, evaluating, and implementing high impact solutions. Success at the Acceleration Lab is not defined just by the discovery of a novel approach, but rather by the implementation and scale of new care models, devices, and technology that meaningfully improve health and health care for patients and clinicians at and beyond Penn Medicine. 

The Nudge Unit is the world’s first behavioral design team embedded within a health system. The Nudge Unit leverages behavioral insights to design and test approaches to steer medical decision-making toward higher value and better patient outcomes.

The Center for Digital Health (CDH) leverages non-traditional data sources to disrupt conventional approaches to care. CDH transforms data into actionable insights that enable the development of interventions to advance science, enhance patient and provider engagement, and improve care delivery and patient outcomes.

Way to Health (W2H) is a web-based platform that automates, facilitates, and evaluates the systematic testing of behavioral interventions to promote health. The platform, designed by faculty and staff at the University of Pennsylvania and Penn Medicine, enables researchers and clinical partners to deploy behavioral interventions anywhere in the U.S. in an efficient, scalable, and low-cost way. Customizable for simple and complex research and clinical needs, W2H offers a wide range of built-in functionalities and is compatible with numerous wireless technologies. Since its creation in 2010, over 280 studies have been run on the platform, engaging more than 1,000,000 patients.