The Center for Health Care Innovation (CHCI) facilitates the rapid, disciplined development, testing, and implementation of new strategies to reimagine health care delivery for dramatically better outcomes, value, experience, and equity. 



We improve health and health care. We aim to see past health care's conventional models and redesign care effectively, economically, equitably, and reproducibly. 

We increase health equity. As we strive to create transformational change in health and health care, we are committed to reducing inequity for historically marginalized, disenfranchised, and oppressed populations and combating forces that create inequities. 

We enable a culture of innovation at Penn Medicine. Every health care transformation depends on the people behind it. We aim to identify, engage, and retain exceptional clinical partners, support their development, and celebrate their success. We are a center for – not of – innovation. 

We foster innovation in the larger health care ecosystem. An innovation center's purpose is to support innovation within an organization. A leading innovation center aims to advance the field and enable other institutions to follow. As such, we strive to create and disseminate new approaches and knowledge to facilitate the innovation of others. 


CHCI comprises four coordinated teams – the Acceleration Lab, the Center for Digital Health, the Nudge Unit, and Way to Health. Use the links below to learn about the unique contributions of each of our teams.


Success at CHCI is not defined just by the discovery of a novel approach but rather by the implementation and scale of new care models, devices, and technology that meaningfully improve health and health care for patients and clinicians at and beyond Penn Medicine.

Work led by our team over the past ten years has saved lives, made care more accessible and equitable, reduced costs for patients and the health system, and so much more. Learn more about this exciting progress on our Impact page. 

Foundational Publications

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