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Our mission

The Penn Medicine Center for Health Care Innovation facilitates the rapid, disciplined development, testing and implementation of new strategies to reimagine health care delivery for dramatically better value and patient outcomes. We currently focus our work in five areas. 

Making people healthier We improve patient quality of life and outcomes by reducing health burdens.

Bringing care into people's lives We identify areas in which connected health strategies can improve patient outcomes and lower cost.

Reducing the cost of health care We reduce the cost of health care while maintaining and improving outcomes.

Enabling and accelerating innovation We enable a culture of innovation by energizing faculty and staff at Penn Medicine to test new methods and develop new skills.

Encouraging and catalyzing others We encourage other health systems to adopt innovative methods by sharing success stories. 


Our approach

We believe the best way to make big improvements to patient health and health care delivery is to experiment quickly at low cost, only scaling once we find high impact solutions.

The vast majority of successful innovations are much different from where they started. Employing a disciplined, scientific approach toward creating, evaluating, and implementing new ideas helps us learn what works, and what doesn’t faster.  If an idea ‘fails,’ but we’ve learned that the idea will not work in a matter of days instead of months, by utilizing a low-cost prototype, we consider that a success.

The iterative and agile approach our team utilizes to apply design-thinking to care delivery at Penn Medicine has four components that involve both divergent and convergent action.  This approach is represented by the double diamond.


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Careers and Internships

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