Our mission

The Penn Medicine Center for Health Care Innovation facilitates the rapid, disciplined development, testing and implementation of new strategies to reimagine health care delivery for dramatically better value, patient outcomes, and experience.  The Center currently focuses its work in five areas. 

Making people healthier: We improve patient’s health and the outcomes of their health care.
Bringing care into people's lives: We make it easier for patients to engage in health care and in healthy living.
Reducing the cost of health care: We reduce the cost of health care while maintaining and improving outcomes.
Enabling and accelerating innovation: We inspire faculty, staff, students, patients, and families to enable a culture of innovation.
Encouraging and catalyzing others: We lead other health systems forward. 

Our approach

We believe the best way to make significant improvements to patient health and care delivery is to experiment quickly at low cost - scaling only once we find high impact solutions.

Most successful innovations differ substantially from where they started. Since getting it right the first time is rare, small, quick, tests make more sense before system-wide implementations.  Employing a disciplined, scientific approach toward creating, evaluating, and implementing new ideas helps us learn faster what works, and what doesn’t.  ‘Failure’ is a success if we’ve learned that quickly with a low-cost prototype rather than months later and at great expense.

The iterative and agile approach our team utilizes to apply design-thinking to care delivery has four components alternating divergent and convergent action.  This approach is represented by the double diamond.

Our organization

The Center is composed of three distinct entities.  To learn more about the work led by the teams below as well as opportunities for collaboration and homegrown platforms for innovation, visit our Portfolio page

Acceleration Lab - The Center’s Acceleration Lab seeks to energize and empower individuals on the frontlines of care who have the passion and insight to transform care delivery and patient outcomes.  Through offerings like its Innovation and Medical Device accelerator programs, commitment to initiatives to improve employee health, and the creation and dissemination of homegrown platforms designed to accelerate progress, the Lab supports the Center's mission to be a center for (not of) innovation.

Nudge Unit - The Penn Medicine Nudge Unit is the world’s first behavioral design team embedded within a health system.  The Unit's mission is to leverage behavioral insights to design and test approaches to steer medical decision-making toward higher value and improved patient outcomes.  

Center for Digital Health - The Penn Medicine Center for Digital Health (CDH) seeks to advance science by researching the implications of the advancement of digital health technology for patient engagement and care delivery.  The Center serves as an incubator for evaluating and promoting digital health ideas and solutions for providers and patients at Penn Medicine.


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